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What it has been like to launch a brand new business in 2020
December 1, 2020

It was in July of 2019 that the idea of Copper Rose was born. I didn’t know it was going to be called Copper Rose at the time, but I knew that I deeply wanted to start an event rental company. I was just wrapping up my wedding planning career, a career that I had truly loved, but I kept feeling pulled in a different direction. Opening an event rental company was heavy on my mind. 

As a planner I found myself searching and yearning for pieces that I couldn’t find in the rental market. My path became so clear to me, I wanted to start a company that housed unique and one of a kind pieces that I had wished for as a planner and event designer. The Copper Rose is just that, we’re a boutique event rental company that houses incredible, unique pieces sourced and crafted from various parts of the world. 

I had spent months and months piecing my dream company together. After 8 months of working endlessly chasing my dream, we received our containers from overseas, launched our website, and secured a gorgeous Warehouse. We assembled an incredible team that believed in our mission, a team I was so proud of and a team I couldn’t wait to work alongside every day. With so much excitement in our corner, we launched our site on March 17th and the same day, we had to shut it all down. Like so many others, we had to tell our team to go home. 

We were finally able to get into our brand new space at the end of June, so we began to make a solid plan to open our doors for the first time. I’m not going to make light of anything, it hasn’t been easy trying to market a brand new event rental company in this impossible climate. It also hasn’t been easy to own a small business during this time. I know we’re all feeling this, and we’ve all been impacted one way or the other. 

As we’re approaching 2021 still not knowing where this unexpected virus will lead us, I feel an extreme amount of hope. I’m so damn proud of all we’ve done and accomplished since our doors have been opened. I adore and respect our team so much. We work so hard, and we have a lot of fun in the process. We work to no end because we believe in all that’s been created. We believe in our mission at The Copper Rose and we believe this is just the beginning for us. Olivia and I get a lot of FaceTime, but all of our team members deserve just as much recognition. I’ll only be as great as the team that walks alongside me, and I have a wonderful team! 

With a very grateful and hopeful heart, bring it on 2021, we will be ready for ya!

With Love,

Brittany Bijan & Team

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