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Sourcing with The Copper Rose
July 13, 2021

When dreaming up The Copper Rose I knew I wanted to have a company that housed unique pieces from around the world. I wanted to source from various countries and find the best artisans within those countries to showcase their craft. I believed by doing so I would have a company that would make an impact on the event rental market because of the unique items we selected. 

Our sourcing adventures took us from the flea markets in France, south to the markets in Morroco, and all the way down to the creative shops of Bali. Along the way, we made many relationships with vendors, artisans, and trusted friends who helped us create our containers full of beautiful pieces to add to our collections.

The Copper Rose truly stands out in the rental market because we house items that you can’t find anywhere. Each collection we’ve created was inspired by the country, and the area we sourced the items from. We’re so proud of the selections we’ve made so far and we’re continuing to source and add to our various collections and that makes us so excited for all to come. We take pride in our relationships with our vendors overseas and we will continue to produce unique items for The Copper Rose. 

We cannot wait for the world to open up and for the Copper Rose team to continue our sourcing adventures!

With Love,

Brittany Bijan & Team

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