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The Copper Rose at Three Sticks Winery
May 12, 2021

When we launched The Copper Rose in March of 2020 we had no idea what we were in for! During our conception, we never visualized our products being utilized as long-term rentals, but during a time of constant uncertainty and pivoting we remained creative. 

With the pandemic putting a halt to all events we needed to find a way for our new inventory to go out into the world. The events industry along with the entire hospitality industry needed to come up with creative solutions to stay afloat. In the spirit of reimagining our business structure, we were approached by our dear friends at Three Sticks Winery to create an experience for their club members that would give them a much-needed oasis away from the pandemic. 

Since indoor tasting rooms were shut down for the foreseeable future, our teams came together to bring a creative solution for outdoor tasting. What was once a parking lot behind the Adobe was magically transformed with the help of some new gravel, a stunning Zephyr Tent, and carefully curated social distancing lounges by The Copper Rose. With the added layers of lighting, plants and we can’t forget amazing wine, a one-of-a-kind Sonoma experience came to life. 

Our lounges have become a permanent feature out at Three Sticks and they are open for tastings now! We are beyond grateful for our partnership with Three Sticks Winery and cannot wait to create many more experiences for their guests in the future.

With Love,

Brittany Bijan & Team

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